Limited in-person Service

We are in an odd season and our interactions have been different because of COVID-19. As a church, we want to connect with each other and meet the relational, emotional, and spiritual needs of our family during this season. Thankfully, our state leadership has opened the door for us to start meeting in person in limited capacity. Although we understand that this is too soon for some and not soon enough for others, please bear with us as we try to take steps toward meeting the needs of our family. With that being said, we have some guidelines for our in person services that we request every participant follow for the sake of those around you. Minor inconveniences can make a big difference in keeping everyone as healthy as possible.

-We will leave the doors open to the building and sanctuary so that no one has to touch the same handles repeatedly. -Social Distance markers: we have placed 6’ tape markers on the floor to visually remind everyone of the suggested distance that we are keeping between households.

-The staff will clean and sanitize all commonly used surfaces frequently.
-Please wash your hands with soap or sanitize them thoroughly and often.
-We kindly request that you bring and wear a face mask or covering for the safety of others. It is a small precaution that benefit others. Masks are strongly suggested but not required.

Social distancing
-Sit at a table with our household and keep a healthy distance between all others.
-Please keep your children with you at all times, as we will not provide childcare during the service.
-If you are sick or think you might be sick, please stay at home and join us by live stream. If you think you are in an elevated risk category, stay home and join us by live stream.

Small groups
-No small groups or Sunday school at this time, but continue to meet online with your groups as desired.

What Can We Do?
-Say ‘hi’ to everyone and have encouraging conversations. Our church family has heard worship and messages by livestreams, but they haven’t been told that they are loved, so let your voice be heard and tell someone that they are loved.
-Smile bigger than usual so that your smile reaches your eyes. It’s good for you and the people around you.

Live Stream
If you don't feel that this is the right time to join us in person please continue to join us for our live stream on
     -Click here for Facebook
     -Click here for Instagram


So many of you have asked how to keep supporting us financially and we are so thankful for your generosity. You can click on the link above to be directed to our online giving website. We assure you that online donations are incredibly safe.


Remember, you can always stream with us on Facebook and Instagram. Wednesdays are streaming only. We're so excited to engage with you, we love and miss you!