The Furnace


The Furnace


5th - 12th grade  Wednesdays @ 6.00pm - Student Worship Center (In main building)

We open right after school at 3:30pm each Wednesday. 

**In case of inclement weather or if Putnam County Schools are closed for any other reason, we will open doors at 5:30pm. 

This is a great group of youth that value each other and are passionate about their relationship with God.  Every Wednesday we bring a great message that will encourage students to draw closer to God as He works in their lives.  We have our own youth band that lead us in worship every week.  We will certainly have tons of fun, but we also desire to postion every youth to encounter God because He is the solution to every problem.  

If you're in 5th-12th grade or an interested parent, swing by any night to see how we do things.  For more information please feel free to click above for a link to our Facebook page!