Church on the Hill desires that you become a part of us!  We offer areas of ministry to all ages and lifestyles.  Check us out and get involved!

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Lifegroups are small groups that meet in the homes of our members and provide an opportunity to get to know each other a little better.  If you're interested in attending one of our groups click the heading above.

One of the main parts of our DNA here at Church on the Hill is worship.  Our flavor of worship is fun, energetic, impacting and life changing just because as we worship we encounter the presence of the Lord.

Sunday SchoolOur Sunday School groups meet at 9:30am.  There's a group for you, click above to see a list and the rooms they meet in. 

YouthWe have a special ministry for our youth in 7th-12th grade called The Furnace.  The Furnace meets at the Office/Youth House on Wedsndays at 6:30 so if you're in that age group or a curious parent please feel free to come join us.  For more details click the heading above.

The Well - Young Adults
The Well is our college and young adults group.  They meet at the Office/Youth House on Sundays at 6:30m.  This group is fun and very spiritually solid so come check us out.

Children  Kids on the Hill is an exciting place for our kids, with ministry tailor fitted to any age group.  To find out about all the different events and ministries going on click the heading above.