Wednesday Nights

We're changing up our Wednesday night flow a bit to be able to better engage with you. A set of breakout sessions on different topics that you can feel free to attend any and all that would be beneficial. Here's a breakdown of what's happening when.



September 16: 6:30pm
The Chosen “I Have Called You by Name” – 2 brothers struggle with a Jewish tax collector over their debts to Rome and a Pharisee confronts a demon-possessed woman. (You can click here to download the app if you need to watch from home.)

September 23: 
Apologetics 101
: Don’t be a Know it All
Worship Deconstructed

September 30:
The Chosen “ Shabbat” – Nicodemus investigates a miracle, Mary receives surprise guests at her Shabbat dinner
Parenting for Beginners: “Balancing the Kids and Each Other or How to Value Your Family and Your Marriage Equally”

October 7: 
Apologetics 101
: Think “Circumstantially” and Test Your Witness
How Emotions Affect Physical Health

October 14:
The Chosen “Jesus Loves the Little Children” – Jesus befriends and teaches a group of children

October 21: 
Apologetics  101
: Hang on Every Word and Separate Artifacts from Evidence
Parenting for Beginners: “Parental Powers and Different Drummers: The Parenting Style and Temperament Connection”

October 28:
The Chosen “The Rock on Which it is Built” – Simon makes a desperate attempt to solve his debt issues with Rome
Worship Deconstructed