The Furnace

Every Wednesday, 3:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Location: The Furnace (Coth Youth), 3001 Phillips Cemetery Rd, Cookeville, TN US 38506


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7th - 12th grade  Wedsndays @ 6.30pm | COTH Main Building • Student Worship Center


A furnace is a place where metals are refined and we focus on encourntering God and allow Him to refine and transform us into who He desires us to be.  This is a great group of youth that value each other and are passionate about their relationship with God.  We have our own youth band that lead us in worship every week.  While we know its important to have tons of fun in a youth group, we desire to postion every youth to encounter God because He is the solution to every problem.  

If you're in 7th-12th grade or an intrested parent, swing by any night to see how we do things.  For more information please feel free to click below to find our Facebook page.