Mission & Vision

The Vision

In Cookeville as it is in Heaven...

We envision a family, full of life, on the journey of discovering powerful stories and heavenly tools, as we experience the love of God in the community around us.

The Mission

At Church on the Hill, we are focused on bringing the culture of Heaven to our community through the authority of scripture and the transforming, experienced presence of God.

We take grace-filled, intentional steps toward health within the context of a loving community, allowing ourselves to be changed so that our authenticity and love shines brighter and more influential than any masks of perfection we could wear.


We come together with authenticity, masks dropped and hearts and minds opened to being changed by the reflection of scripture, guidance of the Holy Spirit, and the refining relationships in our community. We are comfortable to be ourselves, admitting our humanness, and determined to not let that hinder us from experiencing and sharing in the unconditional love of God.


We intend to always be growing in grace, knowledge, and the transforming message of the Gospel. We commit to taking grace-filled, intentional steps toward maturity in all areas of health: mental and emotional peace, relational harmony, spiritual empowerment, and physical wellbeing. This growth and maturity happens in personal reflection time and study, one-on-one relationships, and in the culture and teaching of our corporate and small group gatherings. The healing and growth we receive becomes the healing influence and kingdom authority we carry.


We seek to be a safe place to explore scripture, grow in confidence of faith, and encounter the presence of God. Because healing happens in the influence of authentic, loving relationships, we value the health and well-being of our community above the pursuit of progress or power, recognizing that influence is gained only as far as we are willing to love, serve and connect. We share love, gifts, and power given to us to lift up the community around us.

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